Clif Bar

The unexpected can’t exactly be planned for, but when you decide to bike from San Francisco to Alaska with your best buddies in just eight days, you can bet that not everything will go according to plan. A group of bikers (and pretty rad guys) set out to ride 30-mile segments along Highway 1 from San Francisco to the Canadian border and then from there they rode the main freeway north through Canada and eventually cut west into Alaska with a final destination of Anchorage. This grueling, lofty goal was self-induced, self-planned and a totally authentic experience of people looking for adventure. The plan was to make it in 8 days, biking 24/7. With a carefully designed a schedule to ensure there’s always one rested driver, a passenger who is on deck, with the rest of the crew sleeping or laughing from too much craziness. The total mileage was right around 3,200 miles with a whopping 97,000 feet of elevation gain.